Privacy Policy, hereby referred to as "we," "our," and "us," is an online coupon service that helps users ("you") with offers, coupons, and deals while shopping online. 

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1. Cookies

Cookies are the data that websites send to the cookie files in your browser. Every time the browser revisits the website, it retains the data and transmits it back to the website server. A cookie typically includes a value, the domain name (Internet location) from which it was formed, and the cookie's "lifetime" (expiration date), which is a randomly generated unique number.

Temporary cookies, known as "session cookies," are stored in your browser's cookie file until you leave a website.

The cookie file in your browser stores Persistent cookies for a longer duration.


2. Advertisements

You have the right to choose advertisements. In the case of irrelevant ads, you may unsubscribe them or mark them as irrelevant.